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Of about three degrees per day. Freezing in thirteen days, I said. Zero another eleven days after that. A week after that, minus twenty. We'll be ice-mummies before we have the chance to starve. Well, if you all sta in the tunnel, the air flowing in from the other dome should be pretty toasty, Fay suggested brightly. Or we could set fires. Domes have chimneys, right? Heh heh! it said. Seriously though, do you want to not die? Let me think about it. I'm not equipped for more than forty pengers, but the colony ship is built for the survival of up to eight hundred humans. An idea materialized in my brain like a mental Athena. We've got nearly five thousand people in our domes, but a lot of them don't want to be here. If we allow them to cross to OA's side, we'll consume far fewer resources. And maybe the remainder can fit in the colony ship. Great idea! Fay said. I guess I should go find it. Find what? Well, the ship. I gaped up at the corner of the room. You son of a . What? It sounded genuinely puzzled. It can't be too far away. Relatively speaking. I rubbed my palms against my eyes. Start searching. It's daybreak tomorrow. We'll start clearing the domes at first light. * * * If only it had been that simple. Yellow light surged across the quiet domes. Our war council--Becky, Calbert, Jia, Hermalina, two other google citizens, and Fay (whose communications grew more dela the further it flew from Titan)--immediately overruled me. Instead, they decided to sweep our domes for OA soldiers caught off-duty or behind Thermopylae after we'd sealed it off. The hunt took two days and turned up two dozen OA security members scattered across the apartments. They killed two of our conscripts during the sweep. We imprisoned the 21 surviving POWs in the bat of a hastily appropriated Baptist church. Jia descended into Thermopylae to negotiate an exchange of prisoners with OA, who'd captured Riki, among others. Only then was my plan put into action. Of the five thousand citizens besieged in our seven domes, an unknown number were unwilling captives. With the omninets down, their knowledge of events was as garbled as a schoolyard game of telephone. We drew up two-man teams and sent them door to door to explain the situation. Some citizens women considered us hooting terrorists bent on burning OA to the ground or plunging Titan into the gaseous depths of Saturn. After they best sex toys for women aulted one of our teams, we went out armed with stunners and batons. Other civilians knew nothing. Some had slept through the initial chaos or locked themselves best sex toys for women in their apartments to wait out whatever unpleasant convulsion was wracking their neighboring domes. With the omninet down, they'd heard nothing but gossip. Some were eager to let best sex toys for women us inside, or at least to listen through the door as we broke down the events of the last few days. Others remained sta locked up, certain order would reert itself soon enough. Worst of all were the subset of residents who knew perfectly well what was happening and descended on our open-air base of operations in Dome 27 to inform us we were morons. Jia's exchange program was about the only thing going off without a hitch, and we offered to escort these residents through Thermopylae to the OA security force waiting on the other side. Instead, they insisted we leave their domes. I spent so long arguing with one red-faced man (who extruded so much sweat and spittle he could have single-handedly